Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Addison

Our little Addison turned four a few weeks ago. She was so excited for her birthday. She has been counting down since Parker's birthday in May. She knew that Daddy had to have a birthday and then I had to have a birthday and then it would be her turn. She was so funny. The day after my birthday she asked if it was her birthday. She was so excited about it!! She got to have a bunch of her friends over and she LOVED that!! 

The theme for her party was Candy Land. She is not a fan of cake and so this was perfect!!!

They went through the peppermint forest and held a peppermint on a spoon. A couple of them ate them before the race even began. 

They stopped off in the Gingerbread House and colored themselves a Gingerbread Man. 

Addison had few requests about the party, one of which was a pinata and the other was a jumper. That was easy, I am glad that I could deliver. She jumped FOREVER!! She loved that thing. We borrowed it from a friend and they forgot to come and get it until Monday and so we had it from Friday until then and my kids enjoyed EVERY minute of it.   

After all that fun they ended in the Candy Castle and filled up on sugar. Addison LOVED her cake. She is not a fan of cake and so when I saw this I knew that it would be perfect for her. After she blew out the candles we passed the cake around and there was something there for everyone. (Do you love her crown, she picked that out and insisted on wearing it all day long) They also had ice-cream. I had so much fun planning her party!! 

Happy Birthday Addison!! 



Stacey said...

She has gotten so big, such a cutie.

Ashleigh said...

i love the cake, too! what a fun idea!

anneliese said...

Sounds like a super fun party for a super cute girl! Glad it turned out good.